• About what to twitter except about yourself?

  • About what to twitter except about yourself?

    Social Media in this era has major impact on different essential things all over the world. One of the fastest growing online industries is travel and tourism. People are becoming more aware of their travel destinations. All they have to do is search the place they want to go for vacation and everything else is provided to them, information, packages, hotels, travel guides and what not?

    Of all social networking sites, Twitter is the most serious platform. People take twitter more seriously because there is lesser scam and fraud. Even official announcements are considered valid if it is on twitter.

    To make your business best acknowledged twitter is the best platform. As for online marketing for service industry in tourism and hospitality twitter account is very important. For the business Travel and tourism depends heavily on recommendations and spread of opinion through social media. When people see profiles or pictures on their friends accounts or different pages of online travel business they are more attracted to those places.

    To make the twitter interesting the very first thing that is important is twitter handle and header image because that is your first impression. If your twitter handle is attractive then your followers will increase.

    Then regular tweets about your services and deals always work for travelers. They want to go to places within their budget and still enjoy to their best. If you are offering packages or discounts on hotel services they will prefer you over other online tourist businesses.

    The tweets must be regular yet not too frequent. And they must be short yet interesting. It must be about the offers you have or your point of views of different places or you can share local stories or historical values of those places. This will prove that you have better knowledge about what you are offering and customers will trust you more.

    To interact with followers is very important. Reply to their questions and queries. Invite discussions by engaging with customers. A tweet becomes more followed if it includes a picture or a video. People are more interested in watching videos and pictures instead of reading about them. They are more appealed to pictures or videos with a caption that is interesting. With the packages offered you can make a video of the hotels and rooms and restaurants or tourist attractions to prove that what you are offering is real and according to their demands.

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