• Are you Ready for Testimonials?

  • Are You Ready for Testimonials?

    When it comes to hotels and inns, the word of mouth has a lot of power when it comes to their reputations. One bad review and the whole standing of the hotel goes to dust. On the other hand, a good appraisal of a hotel causes its rating to become boosted and attracts a lot of customers to it.

    Are you ready for testimonials? Of course you are. Testimonials are the number one way to promote your chain of hotels and travel resorts worldwide. The word of one’s mouth or the keystrokes of a blogger’s keyboard are what make or break a hotel for better or for worse.

    The importance of Hotel reviews and testimonials

    The importance of hotel reviews and testimonials can be put into words by giving an eloquent premise that will serve as an example. Imagine you are sitting in front of your computer and want to look up some good hotels and resorts for your next vacation.

    You type in the search bar of your favorite search engine and up comes a list of viable hotels, venues and resorts where you can stay. What will be the deciding factor that will convince you which hotel to stay in and which one not to? The deciding factor in this case will be the testimonials by other people who have visited the hotel. If you read pleasant reviews about one hotel, you will be inclined to visit it and if you read bad reviews about a hotel, you will immediately uncheck it from your list.

    Accessibility of information

    In the 21st century, information is available to everyone at all times. You can look up anything and everything on your smartphones and your laptops in a minute. This availability of information makes it more important for a hotel to have good reviews because the testimonials that people post on famous websites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and Booking.com stay up on the websites for at least two years.

    As an hotelier, you must know that the reputation of your hotel or resort is visible to potential clients and customers at all times. One must tread carefully and keep his hotel repute as positive as possible.

    Good reviews

    Positive reviews are the life and soul of online marketing and promotion. Your hotel, if it has positive reviews and appraisals, will be on the top of the list of search engines and that will cause generation of more customers and in turn more revenue towards you. Bad Reviews. Not all clients and not all customers return happy from a stay at your hotel. Some of them may have experienced a slight trivial problem and that would have turned their mood sour.

    “Learn from your mistakes”

    Apart from the making and breaking of your repute, these testimonials and reviews are an essential process that will nourish your growth if you see them from that perspective. Imagine that some customer complains about the inferior quality of the tablecloths in the dining hall. After reading that, you can immediately replace the cloths and buy new ones with a better quality. If you can take criticism with dignity, you can grow from it. You can use the reviews for quality control and management.

    Analysis of the reviews

    One must understand that the reviews about your resort follow a certain pattern. As an hotelier, you should hire a Quality Assurance Analyst and have him sift through the comments and testimonials so that he can give you a conclusive solution about the problems that pertain your property.

    Quantification of the analysis

    After analyzing the reviews, you should quantify them according to their localization and genre such as reviews pertaining to Staff, Service, Locale, Rooms, Amenities and Valet service. The next thing that you, as an hotelier, should do is to sort these reviews and testimonials into two categories i.e. positive and negative testimonials.

    Response to Positive Reviews

    If you see positive reviews about your hotel, you should be happy. All your hard work has paid off. Now that the guest has given you a good testimonial, you should thank him accordingly. Send a template thank you card to him or contact him through social media and let them know that their feedback was valued and that they should come again. It is sentiments like these that make the client even more happy and bounds them to visit you the next time too. Encourage the testimonial writer to tell their friends and family and to spread the word about the hotel/inn.

    Response to Negative Reviews

    It takes courage to own your bad reviews. In the scenario that you are given bad reviews, you should thank the reviewer. Yes, comment on the Review and thank the client about reviewing about the inferiority of the experience. If you handle the feedback in a graceful manner, it will go a long way in mitigating the effects of the bad review.

    The next thing you should do is to apologize to the guest about the poor experience they had. If it is possible, ring the guest at his number and apologize through a sympathetic call, mail or message. This will make you look like the bigger person in the client’s eyes and it is possible that the client will remove the review from the website.

    Implement the changes in your hotel about whom the guest complained on social media. If the guest did not like the quality of the room service, hire new staff and make it known on the internet about the changes.


    As an hotelier and an owner of a dynamic yet niche business, you should be ready at all times to deal with reviews and testimonials. A happy customer is a loyal customer.

    You should know about the most intricate functionalities of your hotel and you should make sure that all the amenities are working properly.

    Make it known to the employees that feedback is important, nay, vital to the functioning of the hotel. If a lot of customers write good reviews about the staff service, reward your staff to boost motivation in them.

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