• Reputation Marketing 3 Tactics to Manage and Protect your Brand

  • Reputation Marketing 3 Tactics to Manage and to Protect your Brand

    At the most fundamental level, marketing has changed through the channels of digital and social marketing. Your customers have more control than ever before in terms of interaction with your company. Instead of a monolithic "brand", sending messages to a nameless, faceless "customer", marketing is now about participation in a conversation with people. Below are 3 tactics to manage and protect your brand: 

    Tactic # 1 Check Your Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most important element in reputation marketing. You’ve to make sure that your website code is formatted correctly, your website images should load faster, and the website content should be keyword rich.

    It’s not easy to get inbound links from outside sources. But still there are ways you can optimize your site so that it can appear on the top of search engine results.

    Google makes suggestions as you type in the search bar through auto-completion method. You can use this tool to get ideas of the keywords people are using to obtain information online. This way you can make a list of keywords to target, and make content for those keywords, so you can attract more visitors to your website or blog organically.

    Tactic # 2 Ask Your Customers to Receive Positive Reviews
    A vast area of customer empowerment online is service and product reviews. Positive reviews are great, but people are often more motivated to post about negative experiences.

    Each company, no matter how good it is, someone will write something bad about it at some point. And this negative review might not even be true. It could come from a former employee, someone trying to increase their review count, or maybe someone who had a bad day.

    However, you cannot stop people from writing anything about you, but you can ask your customers to write positive reviews.

    Tactic # 3 Dealing with Customer Complaints Offline
    Handling arguments with customers online can be very tedious. For example: If a company executive talks on a radio, limited number of people will call, but thousands and more will be listening. When someone makes a complaint or grievance about your company online, you should keep in mind that a lot of people will be able to hear what you’re saying. Below are two ways to tackle, if a similar situation arises:

    • You’ve to see whether the problem is easy to solve, if it is, provide information online and handle it publicly. Open with “sorry that you are having this problem” and then continue.

    • Follow your opening with “Please email me or call me, and give me your phone number or email address”. From here, take response offline.

    The problem arises when you get a very combative personality, continuing interaction with him/her in public can create more negative content about your brand that will be indexed by search engines.

    The good rule of thumb is to resolve the complaint offline, not more than three times, if the person refuses to accept and continues to show negative content about your brand, just leave it and go ahead.

    Tip: You can use a free tool like Google Alerts to manage customers’ complaint.

    Wrapping It Up
    These are the best 3 tactics to manage and protect your brand online. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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