Announcement of a government program on the development of tourism in the Lake District of Belarus

DISTRICT OF BRASLAV, April 8 (BelTA) – We must focus on the development of domestic tourism. Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko made the statement during his visit to Braslav district in Vitebsk oblast on April 8, BelTA learned.

Roman Golovchenko said: “We are seeing an increase in domestic tourism. People are more actively visiting national landmarks. The fact that flights were canceled and many countries were unavailable due to COVID-19 contributed to this. However, the trend remains strong after foreign tourist destinations become available. More people are choosing to travel to Belarus and that’s great. We should exploit it and support the domestic tourist.

In his words, the Braslav district is one of the most promising regions from the point of view of tourism. “There are no large industrial enterprises here or plans to build them. This region has insufficiently effective natural conditions for agriculture, insufficiently fertile soils and very broken fields. That is why we need another distinguishing feature here. Not only in the Braslav district, but in the whole lake district – Braslav district, Miory district, Verkhnedvinsk district, Rossony district, etc. “said the Prime Minister.

Roman Golovchenko noted that various projects are being implemented recently. “In principle, a lot is done, but there is no complete picture. We have already considered the problem more than once. Domestic tourism needs to be developed. People need to see what the country has to offer. They should travel from region to region and familiarize themselves with places of interest in our country,” he noted.

It was decided that a new government program should be drawn up in order to get things done in the Lake District. “It will not require major investments. Opportunities are more important than money in this regard,” he noted. “We looked at what people were missing. In 2017, the President decreed to grant 211 sites to potential investors, who wanted to establish tourism infrastructure, the tourism industry in the Braslav district. Only seven have been used in five years. In other words, an extremely small amount. This means that the decision was not properly prepared.

In particular, additional investments are needed to build public service infrastructure. Few independent contractors can shell out that kind of money. Additional investments are needed to compensate for the losses of agricultural enterprises due to the need to cut down trees and shrubs. “The document needs to be updated and come up with new terms taking into account the negative experience received, terms that would allow people to use the sites and build not only farm stays but also entertainment centers, public catering outlets, etc.”, the Prime Minister said. mentioned.

“We will develop this government program. Moreover, we already have a good experience. We have carried out several of these programs, which were carried out on the instructions of the president. In particular, those concerning the development of the Naroch Lake region, the Augustow Canal and the Belarusian castles program. We have an agreement. There are many enthusiasts. The government must help them and give a boost to these processes. We also need to create conditions for people to invest money in it,” noted the head of government. “The program must be ready this year. It should be launched next year.

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