Frontenac County Seeks Comments on Tourism Development Plan

Photo by Lucas Mulder.

Frontenac County is seeking community engagement on its Destination Development Plan, which aims to align government, economic development, community and tourism priorities for the county. The plan addresses the interactions between visitors, the industry that serves them, the community that hosts them and the environment, in order to provide a more sustainable and equitable local economy throughout the year.

According to a release, over the past year, the Frontenac County economic development team has focused on the destination development plan. The county said a consultant compiled feedback from community members, business owners, operators, municipal staff, tourism organizations and other key participants and now is the time to present the draft plan to the community.

“Tourism has always been an important industry in Frontenac County, and interest in our region has certainly increased over the past few years,” said Richard Allen, Director of Economic Development. “This plan will lay the foundation for our communities to support this interest and continue to welcome visitors in a sustainable and manageable way.”

Ultimately, the destination development plan is designed to protect and enhance the character of the destination, increase the competitiveness of the destination and visitor spending, and optimize the overall quality of life for local residents, said the county on its website. The aim is to help ensure that everyone in the destination has the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the local visitor economy.

This is a community plan, according to the release, and the economic development team is offering area residents the opportunity to hear the consultant’s presentation and ask questions or make comments. The county said it was very important to hear from the community to confirm priorities or to identify anything that might be missing.

The presentation will take place on Zoom at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. Interested residents are asked to register in advance for this meeting.

Following the online session, the county said the plan would be updated to reflect all feedback and then shared with the Destination Development Plan Steering Committee for final review. The destination development plan will be presented to Frontenac County Council on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

To visit to learn more about the project and to register for the virtual meeting.

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